Read this meme from Charles Jeter

Now you are going to see this a lot with folks saying North Mecklenburg got about 26 percent of these bonds over this period.

Well, note the other districts and which ones got the majority of the remaining 74 percent.  Also if you go into the actual numbers you will see that a large part of the 26 percent to District 1 went to the schools closer in Charlotte.  But hey they love just showing a chart and hoping we do not know what it means.

Anyway, they also say North Mecklenburg ONLY pays a solid 11 percent of total taxes.  Making you think they are getting a great deal on schools up in one of the most growing parts of Mecklenburg County.  Wow, so we are so uninformed to know that means 11 percent each year over 15 years on average.  With a billion and a half budget that means 110 million a year for 15 years or over a billion and a half from North Mecklenburg.

No wonder folks are tired of throwing money at a system that keeps getting worse and worse.  Hey so 95 percent of the grads who applied to CPCC had to take remedial courses, that is good as CPCC is getting a share of all these billions we vote in every year or so.